Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Brightest Feather

So, these days everyone has peacock feathers clipped in their hair or hanging from their ears. I've got them, I bet you've got them, and Fatty McBeaver wears hers all the time.
But maybe it's time to try peacock style in a more subtle way. Is that possible? Well, from the fun finds listed below, I'd have to say yes yes completely yes.

Maybe you take it to the opposite end of your body... down to your feet with these funky Royal Peacock Vintage Pumps (my size, don't you know!) by norakaren.

Or, bring the focus to a different part of the bird, like in this Garden Peacock necklace by ConnorInspiresAmy, where the neck is way more beautiful than the feathers (which are still nice, too!).

Or just don't wear it at all-- snuggle up with peacock on the couch! This hand silk-screened pillow by sewluckygirl comes in regular peacock colours, too, but I just love the orange and pink together. (Reminds me of curry... and Tibetan prayer flags)

But maybe you think I'm crazy. Maybe you're saying "I just can't get enough peacock!" and wearing your feather clips and earrings day in, day out (yes you, Fatty McBeaver)... well, then, this is for you!
A peacock feather bustier by neworleansmagpie. Wow! (Do you think you could turn it round and have a skirt, too? Or a lamp shade... take note IKEA hackers!)


lostsentiments said...

wowza! I love me some peacock1 Such rich colors! ;0) What size shoe do you wear?? I may need to borrow those pumps ;)

lostsentiments said...

that is if you are willing to shell out the $80 bucks for them lol - size 8 1/2 will do just fine thank you ;)

Nora said...

thanks so much for adding my shoes
I feel completely flattered...



Lisa said...

I am honored to have my peacock pillow featured...thank you so much!

Merve said...

peacock feather bustier is awesome. Wonderful selection. thanks for putting them together.