Tuesday, July 2, 2013

roman tile: a finished quilt

roman tile

For a few months, I've been playing with ideas for interlocking blocks -- that is, a quilt designed of two or more different blocks, that, when joined together, work to make a continuous design. I love the illusion of it -- these diamonds that are really created from two simple 10" square blocks. Definitely a new challenge for me, working in shapes that demand more accuracy was tough, but it felt very rewarding to break free from my straight-edged comfort zone.

In fact, all sorts of new frontiers got explored in this quilt. I bought my first green fabric -- can you believe it?! -- , and so must beg forgiveness from the poor abused colour green for all of the harsh words over the years. You are not always pond scum.

roman tile
roman tile

I also tried out a new quilting pattern -- diagonal lines that intersect in the centre, and then radiate out from there. What a pleasure! Especially on a square quilt, this was really effective, and surprisingly fast given the closeness of the lines.

roman tile

A few other, older quilts tagged along for the photo shoot. Both were made last year -- a log cabin quilt that I made while feeling homesick for the English seaside, and a toddler-sized subway quilt made while I was pregnant (and certain Penny was a boy) -- and have now been added to the gallery of quilts page.

roman tile roman tile


Sofia said...

The reds and blues are popping out on the grey background, so beautiful!

ZippyZippy said...

wow, I love them all
great job, they are beautiful

ann said...

Love all the quilts. A baby sized subway! Great idea, I was reluctant to commit to a full sized one...country girl and all, no subway here. The newest quilt is fantastic. I really like the way the grey border and some of the grey blocks run into one another. Pond scum indeed...Kermit was right , it isn't easy being green. I struggle to use pink. My daughters rarely wore pink and aren't pink lovers to this day. Rambling comment, sorry, too many things came to mind all at once. Have a great day.