A partial history of the quilts I've made over the past three years. More recent quilts are linked to the posts about them, so you're welcome to click on the photos for more information.


summers light
summer's light

roman tile
roman tile

oh the places youll go
oh, the places you'll go

shadows and light
 shadows and light (quilt top)

sunshine and clouds
sunshine and clouds

art's quilt
art's quilt


city block

wonky stars


tillys christmas
christmas colour study

squirrels on the tracks (subway quilt)

camilla's girly blues

beside the sea

owen's flock of geese

autumn's patchwork chevrons


shirting geese quilt for phoebe's home


Shannon Mower said...

I love all your quilts, but your "Roman Tile" one caught my eye the most. Beautiful work in solid fabrics, maybe I shoud try it some time.

SandyQuilts said...

I love Owen's Flock of Geese. Thanks so much for your help.

Anonymous said...

You are very very talented! Really enjoyed browsing! Thanks for sharing!