Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Colour to Blog About!

What is it about red? It can do anything that other colours can do, but better! Red is passionate, red is dangerous. Red is modern, red is retro, it's the colour of life and death, of steak and strawberries!
Sure, blue is nice. When the skies are blue, we're all happy they're blue. But when the sky is red, that's when we take photos of it, that's when it becomes special and arty and worth a mention.

And that's why I'm a strong believer in creating art with red paint, red paper, red thread. It's a theory I first heard from my granddad, who paints with watercolours. He'd always add a little red, even if nothing in the picture was red-- he'd use it in the tones of the shadows, or the flecks of light, or the tiny details, like the pattern of curtains or the belly of a bird. Red draws the eye to it, even the tiniest amount, and artists can use this to add movement to their paintings and create a more interesting experience.

I'm not so subtle, I have to admit. I like solid red surfaces, I love the contrast of thick red lines against a white background. But I still find it useful that red is what draws the eye-- it's helpful in attempting to stand out!

On this blog, I'll explore how red is being used in art, decoration and crafts, and update you on my new work. Please check back often!