Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

It's another hottie in Tucson... yep, we broke 110 degrees again.
Unfortunately, our rickety old air conditioner is on its death bed, spitting out 30 seconds of cool air, and then rattling to a stop. Not quite dead, not quite useful.
So, I'm doing the only logical thing there is to do: sitting in front of the fan, and, well, knitting wooly slippers.
'Wooly slippers?', you ask. 'How can that be logical?'

Well, let me tell you! I'm knitting them and thinking about living somewhere cold enough to use them. Mind over matter, baby. You think about the cold, then you feel the cold.

Yeah, okay, that's rubbish. I'm baking, (body-wise, not cooking-wise... there's no way I'm turning on my oven today!) and miserable, but my right foot is very cozy, and my left foot is balancing it out!

P.S. No, I can't knit with my feet. It was hard enough to fit those size 19 hunka-monkas between my toes, let alone do anything with them!


Emilie said...

Ha ha ha hilarious!
You'll be happy you have those scrummy slippers come Xmas time though! Lovely :)


KnockKnocking said...

I love it!! I was laughing the whole post. Sorry about the heat darling, that is awful, but of course you are making wool socks! Makes perfect sense.



Anonymous said...

Oh god, I'm in Sierra Vista, I feel your pain.