Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vroom vroom

The boxes are packed.
The food from the fridge is (almost) all eaten.
The on-the-road knitting project has been started... but, unfortunately, I won't be able to do it on the road anymore. Turns out, we both have to drive, Justin in the U-Haul, me in the car.
Two 10 hour driving days!


So, in the interests of staying awake come hour 9.5, I'm making some upbeat driving CDs. Usually, I'm more of a mellow-music person (I could listen to Damien Rice, David Gray and Bob Dylan for ten hours, easily) but I'm breaking out my Modest Mouse, White Stripes, and The Doors tunes.
Anything with bass.
Anything with drums.
And perhaps a little Dwight Yoakem, just because :)

Anyone have any good driving music they use? I'm open to suggestions!


Victoria said...

We've driven across Canada 3 times, and Bryan Adams unplugged always comes with us.