Friday, September 18, 2009


How lovely to find little Betsy in this colourful bunch, courtesy of Scoutie Girl!

All the items were selected from Etsy because the artists live in Tucson, Arizona... (ummmm, oops!) ....I guess I forgot to update my location when we moved!
I'm loving those pretty wallets... great colour choices!

We're off to San Antonio in an hour or so for a weekend of fun with family and friends, including a trip to a water park called Schlitterbon.
I'm preparing myself to be very cold tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend!

4 comments: said...

I just love your blog, I've put your button on my blog ;] ciao!!


Mike and Linda said...

Yes, we like your blog and we have also added your button to our blog. You make us happy.

TMCPhoto said...

that Umbrella just pops and the bicyce riders are fabulous. Great picks all around but those stand out to me.

We went to San Antonio 4 years ago for a wedding. Beautiful place and would love to go again. We spent some time in Greune too, there are so many wonderful artist and artisans there

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

Thanks so much, Kim, and Mike and Linda! I love your blogs, too :)

Yes, I love Greune, too! So much to see!