Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things I Heart Wednesday

I'm sort of loving these red red doggie rainboots... but don't they look like they're just made out of cut up juggling balls?
Bella would have these off (and chewed to pieces) in about three seconds flat!

I've been making a lot of soup for lunch lately, and the best is definitely cabbage soup, made from my friend Loreal's recipe, with chicken and sausage.
Yes, even my husband, the Texan, likes it!
He says the cabbage soaks up all the chicken flavour... so it doesn't really count as cabbage!
Pair it with buttery white bread... mmmm.

And, I'm enjoying the work of Sebastian Schonheit, a funky designer who takes knitting to the next level! Those needles must be, what, six feet long?

Nap time!

Happy happy happy


Mike and Linda said...

Molly wouldn't put up with shoes for a second....funny photo though.
Now that guy is a real knitter. At least I bet it didn't take him long to knit that blanket.....

Altered Beauty said...

Those doggy boots are adorable...but my dog Buddy would eat them whole lol.

MaritimeArts said...

I love cabbage soup...yummy. And the red boots are adorable. Of course, my two aussies wouldn't put up with them for a minute :-)

Little Lovables said...

what a cute post, love that naptime photo!

Jess said...

That soup looks Yummy! cute booties! and cool needles! :P

Jenni said...

Loving the doggie boots. Nice pic :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy! The soup looks dee-lish. I wanna learn how to knit like that. No, not really. His arms should be tired, mine are just looking at the photo. lol

ambergoulet said...

Putting boots on dogs is hilarious, sometimes needed, and makes me feel slightly abusive. My dogs walk around throwing their legs out to the side which makes me laugh and feel guilty. :P chuckle

But in snowy weather it does save their feet from salted pavement.

littlepurpleroom said...

My boys would doggy laugh at each other if I put those boots on them, and they would also make a snack out of them.

Now, this is my first time on your blog....and I am wondering why you would tease me with a delicious looking soup, not to mention saying the Texan liked it..then NOT sharing the recipe?
I heart a good soup.

Cool blog though.

Sara Hopp Harper said... mouth is watering for that soup. I LOVE soup- just froze a batch of homemade chicken stock. Now I know what I can use it for.

And the dog booties- out of control. Love them!

alamodestuff said...

Wow, those are some knitting needles! Those would be hard to use on the commute.

Gladraggz and Carpetbagger Creations said...

Miss my late JRT sweetie, and never used knitting needles that big - awesome!! Soup looks delish!