Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clog Class!

I'm very excited about the felted clog class I'm taking at the local knitting shop! After just one class, I've already got a sole and a toe, so it feels like it's going very quickly. Another class tonight, another step closer to cushy, cosy, cloggy comfort!

This is what they'll look like (hopefully) when they're done:

Mine are in a rather different colour scheme than those pictured: red soles and cuffs, with a pink main section. I think they're rather funky, and love red and pink together, but the other ladies are rather more traditional, and have labelled my clogs, "Ummm... different." :)

I'll show you're how they're getting on soon!


Loreal said...

Mmm, they sound fabulous! And perfect colors for you! (You'll have to look over the traditional-ness of little old Texan ladies! My best advice is to ignore them, nod, and smile!)

Sherryl said...

Classes sounds like a good idea, I should look into one in my area, instead of striking out on my own, miss out on the frustration. Wishing you luck and can't wait to see the finished product, my kids would love them.

Anna M. said...

How, cool! Are they easy to make?

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

I wouldn't say easy... I'm a beginner knitter, and they are definitely challenging! Lots of 'short row' work and 'three-needle bind-offs' that require all my brain power!!!
But hopefully they'll be worth it!