Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nisse Houses

There's a lot of Danish blood in my family, so we've always celebrated Christmas with Nissemen, the cheeky little red elves who, legend has it, deliver the presents.

This year, inspired by the little Nissemen, I've been making these Nisse houses... just the right size for a passing Nisseman to take a nap in!

They are completely made from felt, with embroidered windows, and stuffed with soft batting that would make a lovely Nisse bed. I'm still finishing the little village, but they should be done in time for Christmas!

Photo from (here) and my camera


Kate & Oli said...

oh my gosh, those are so cute!! :)

Sharon said...

These are surely fine little fellas!

trusk4u said...

How adorable! Sure beats the ceramic house village I think!

Anjeanette said...

That photo isn't actually credited properly.

It is mine and I would love if you updated your link correctly.