Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yes, yes, all those things are good, but what about 'Freedom to craft'? That's what I'm celebrating right now!

It was a great office party yesterday, and the trifle was a big hit (even if people did call it the "cherries and cream thing"... they're strawberries and raspberries, people!). About half way through the party, someone hit the angel food cake layer, and caused a mini-stampede when everyone else who hadn't realized you need to go deep rushed back for seconds. Success!

So, now I have a month. A month to:
*Make Bella's stocking (although that should really be done sooner!)
*Make the final presents
*Start knitting baby clothes
*Look into cross stitch patterns, and hopefully find a copy of the pattern for this amazing pillow:

(from here... my new favourite blog, check it out!)

But first, let's have a morning of email catch-ups and hot chocolate!

Enjoy your freedom, if you're off already!


Loreal said...

Again, I am SO JEALOUS I didn't get some of that trifle! I'm anxious to hear about your progress over the next month! Knitting baby clothes... *swoon* Can't wait to find out what you're having, too!!!!

P.S. Love the new blog border!