Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Big Brave Wednesday

Today, I've been brave.

Firstly, I called someone about a potential job opening, and braved my phonephobia. Yay, interview tomorrow at 10am! So, we'll see if that works out.

And secondly, I got myself down to the hairdresser and broke my 6 month hair-cut boycott! The mulletty horrible ends have gone, and I've got a very simple long bob that can be curly or straight, flicked out or turned under.

I'm going for this sort of thing, (but a bit longer because i'm not that brave!)...

And, even better, I stopped off at the second-hand book store first, and sold them a couple of oldies from my shelf. It worked out perfectly to cover the price of the haircut (ahem, $9, I'm so cheap!) and a tip! So, budgeting for 2010 is going strong!

Hope you all have a courageous day, too!


Loreal said...

I want to see your haircut and hear all about the job interview! That's great! I finally caught up on our finance records for the last three months and did the yearly totals for 2009 tonight. You got me motivated to face our money situation again! Haha!