Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow in Texas

What fun! It's snowing... and the snow is sticking!

I've been out photographing fence-posts,

and our lovely Bella, who enjoyed wearing her winter jumper,

catching snowflakes on her nose,

and eating big mouthfuls of snow!

Just when I thought spring was on the way! My Ugg boots are going to be worn until the baby arrives at this rate!


This girl said...

Bella looks so sweet, I can't wait for my doggies to see their first snow, it hardly ever settles around here. Jealous :)

Erica said...

:( I would love some snow in albuquerque :)

Rufusandco said...

I am happy to see the last of our snow!
Waiting for signs of green to poke through the Beijing dust.
Love Bella's pullover - looks like she will be ready for a larger size soon!

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

Yes, Bella is a sweetie! She's in the largest size of jumper we could find... apparently, pet shop owners think that only tiny dogs like to look cute! I'll have to add knitting her a new jumper to the list of projects...!