Sunday, March 7, 2010

House Hunting

My mind is even more filled with houses at the moment than it usually is! Over the past week, we've been touring the local listings on offer, and have been shocked and delighted.
  • Shocked, yesterday, by a house I thought we'd love, that currently has four girls and four dogs living in it. And boy, could you smell that. We only looked at the living room, and then had to run for the doors. I'm still cringing when I think about it now.
  • Shocked, too, by a lovely modern house (all in white... so Scandinavian!), with this beauty sitting right outside the back door:
  • Delighted, yesterday, by lovely children's rooms, the smell of other people's laundry rooms, and a very funky house which had the master bedroom in a loft which overlooked the living room!
  • Delighted by little colourful quirks that are so personal to each house.

We found one we love, yesterday, and are now just waiting to hear if we've been successful in our bid. We'd appreciate any positive thoughts from around the world, if you're so inclined!



jenni said...

House hunting is a real roller coaster ride...fingers crossed that you get the home you're aiming for. Looks like you've taken advantage of some great photo opportunities, and come across some good/weird characters for a story or two???

Loreal said...

I hope you will find the perfect place! My best advice is to make a list of the things that you want in a home (like a quiet neighborhood, at least three bedrooms, lots of windows, etc) and go over your list with each place you are considering to make sure it has what you really need. Also, I like to drive by potential homes at different times of the day to see what the noise level in the neighborhood is like and what kind of people live there. We usually try to drive by in the afternoon when people are coming home from work, and also at night, before signing any contracts. Good luck!!!