Thursday, April 1, 2010

The One With the Braxton Thingies

So, today, I think I had my first contraction. A Braxton-Hicks contraction, I think they call it (and if my Friends knowledge is anything to go by!) And, just like some of my previous pregnancy milestones, (i.e. being sick, having my leg fall asleep for no reason, forgetting what I'm talking about mid-sentence), it happened at work!

Since work seems to set the stage for quite a bit of my pregnancy, I figured I'd take a photo to remember it by:

As I was looking around for a photo op, I saw that someone had left a little message there on the filing cabinet. And though it was probably put there by one of my coworkers as a jab at all the students we see who still can't conjugate the 'to be' verb, I like it. I like to read it as if there is no mistake, as if it is saying that the word 'I' is epic. Which it is, isn't it? 'I' means all of you, the good bits and bad bits, the bits you don't tell others and the bits you don't even know yourself. 'I' is all the thoughts, all the cells, all the memories contained in you, all the joy and the hopes and the infinite brain-neuron-connections. And that seems pretty epic. I think we should all be proud to be epic!


Stacy said...

Love this entire post! I am epic!!

(I'm glad my title could offer some inspiration.) So, part two of the writing assignment - old lady to current self - inspired my post.

Jenni said...

Great title for a about it!

miel & company said...

i remember my first braxton hicks contraction because mine happened at work too and i got a bit panicky despite having read about them. i learned to love them and love that my body was preparing the way for birth. enjoy your pregnancy!