Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Remington Fauxwood

It's not easy to just sit down when you've got a garage full of boxes waiting to be unpacked. But, after getting into trouble with Justin for building an IKEA bookshelf while he was at work, I've found a way to keep myself away from the heavy lifting, and occupied on the couch. Its name is Remington Fauxwood:

Yes, the pattern comes from the new book I told you about, "Sew Me, Love Me". (Although, in the spirit of handmadeness, I didn't actually use the patterns she provides, but drew my own wonky versions!)

Remington is made from a lot of recycled old clothes, including a jacket Justin used to lend me on camping trips when we were first dating, and an extra extra extra large yellow shirt that Justin's Dad passed down, and I refuse to keep around for Justin to "grow into"!

I called him "Fauxwood" in honour of how Justin pronounced the type of blinds we have ("fox wood")... he really was very disappointed to find out what "faux" really means!

I'm ready to get started on Mrs. Foxy today... feet up, drinking plenty of water, enjoying the time to rest!


Stacy said...

He's super cute!

Jadyn said...

What a great way to keep yourself occupied! I love it that you're using fabrics that have a history and that you made your own pattern. And he is really adorable!