Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hitting the Bottle

We're switching things up here at the Slagle house.

Justin is doing the feeding...

And Herr Nielson, my little stuffed monkey, is doing the babysitting...

... which leaves me free to write on here!

In recent news:

  • I've vowed to make every new Mum I know, from now until forever, a hot meal. We've had such delicious food from our wonderful friends, including pork chops and sauerkraut, homemade sloppy joes and brownies, cheese and mushroom paninis with tomato and basil soup, not to mention all the lovely food my Mum made us while she was here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'd almost volunteer to go through labour again, just for the food donations!
  • I've found that nothing makes me feel like myself like rearranging... so for the last two days, I've been dragging bookcases around, putting out picture frames, and generally doing a bit more nesting!
  • Every glass of water I drink tastes like milk. Seriously. It's weird. I've been drinking orange juice just to have a break from milkyness.
  • My Mum and I have updated our 7142 project. Instead of a photo-a-day at the same time (which was difficult to do on top of a 365 photo-a-day project!), we've decided to share something that's inspiring us every day. We both love being creative, and hope to gather quite a stock of ideas over the year!


Loreal said...

How did Tilly take to the bottle? I was so scared of Bella getting "nipple confusion," like some of my friends' babies did, that I waited until she was six weeks for Stephen to try giving her a bottle. I wish I'd tried it a little more since then to get her used to it!

MJ said...

i have a gift for little tilly and have waited to bring it by until things settle down a bit....are things settled down a bit yet??? (is that possible with a newborn???)

Stacy said...

That milk thing? Strange.... or so it seems to me. I'm so glad people have been taking care of you with food... it's nice to have some ready made stuff (that is home cooked!).