Friday, August 20, 2010

Off Goes Potato

And so, here at the Slagle house, we're getting ready for the departure of our dear Potato. For his trip, I made him a little messenger bag, which he promptly filled with all of his treasures.

Yes, he's a rabbit of simple pleasures. He enjoys picking wildflowers, and collecting bright buttons, and I'm sure he'll be able to continue with both of those passions in London. He's taking with him lots of hearts to give out to all the new friends he's going to make, and a lucky penny to bring good fortune to his new family. He also insisted on writing a little note to introduce himself.

After an exchange of farewells, and a group hug, off he went across the garden and down the road, where he hitched a ride with a friendly passing postman.

Stay in touch, little fella! We hope you enjoy the Cadbury's chocolate, the fondant fancies, and the wonderful wit and charm of England.


Anonymous said...

This is priceless Astrid, thank you for documenting Potato's departure so beautifully. I promise to keep you up to date with Potato's travels and adventures. We are so excited about meeting him!

cindy said...

What a wonderful story Astrid!!!.. I am sure he will be loved. The little pouch is such a clever touch. I am sure Potato will have a great new home!!

Ingrid said...

Great to know Spud was so well equipped and can't wait for Jodie to take a photo of him in his new home.
I love the hearts he is going to give out to new friends.

Loreal said...

Have you ever thought of writing childrens' books? I think you have the perfect imagination for it! Tilly will surely be hearing some wonderful stories from her Mum as she grows up =)