Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby's Law

You've heard of Sod's Law (or Murphy's Law, if you're American)... well, here's the baby version.

The one night you put her in the fancy designer pjs
(with fancy designer foot-holes that are
impossible to decipher in the dark)
is the night she needs to be changed twice.

The minute you finally, finally, get her to fall asleep,
is when the FedEx guy decides to deliver a parcel
(which isn't even for you).

The second you put on a load of washing,
a hundred more things suddenly become dirty
(including the sofa).

But, look at that smile!


Ingrid said...

She is so worth it. Love that smile.

Victoria said...

What a doll!

As I overheard an exasperated mother say to her infant on a plane once... "it's a good thing you're so darn cute!"

Loreal said...

Gorgeous smile! That's totally what makes everything worth it!

Anonymous said...

That smile would make it all worthwhile :) and give it a few years and she will love being your little helper with the household chores :)