Friday, September 10, 2010


Thank goodness for September, with Texas evenings finally cool enough to take the family circus out on the road... by which, of course, I mean go for a stroll. (Or, "walkies", as Bella knows it!)

Tilly is so excited to be able to show off her wonderful collection of sun hats to the neighbours. Here, she's sporting the pink-gingham-with-daisy, with the most adorable little under-the-chin-strap.

And though she loves the walks, Tilly is always eager to get home for her favourite time of the day: bath time!


Anonymous said...

Simply adorable, can't wait to see Tilly tomorrow. See you soon!!!

Jenni said...

What a poppit! Now Tilly's really in the pink...there'll be no stopping her now she's outdoors, breathing in some fresh Texan air

Loreal said...

What sweet pictures! Tilly's expression looks just like you in the first one. Great hat too! I'm glad it's finally cooled down enough for you to take walks! It's our favorite favorite part of day, and Bella loves it too.