Thursday, November 18, 2010

Babuskha Bowling

Well, the Christmas elves were busy last night. A whole set of Russian Dolls is finished, and they've set sail in the Russian Doll boat (ahem, bread basket) that our recent lovely house-guest made for Tilly. 

Tatiana, Katja, Sveta, Anya, Pinky and Matilda have a long life of fun in front of them. Not only are they dolls, they are also stuffed with little bells, so that Tilly can enjoy them as rattles right now. (Well, she could, if she would remove their heads from her mouth long enough to shake them!)

The dolls also double as skittles for a game of six-pin bowling:

But now they have to go back into the workshop to wait for Christmas, so that Tilly can pull them all out of her new stocking!

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Jadyn said...

Astrid (aka miss Christmas elf), these are lovely! And so the little heart applique on the bottom of one of the babushas as well!

Jodie said...

aww, they are so cute! nice work!

michelle said...

that is about the cutest skittle set ever. i love it

ana @ i made it so said...

i smiled as soon as i saw this title. they are so pretty, and pretty funny too. poor lil babushkas! it turned out great.

i'm not sure, but i think this is my first time visiting from kootoyoo's creative space.

happy weekend!

Sandy Ang said...

I just love your sewn dolls.
Hope you'll link them up to my challenge here :