Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Challenge

Now that Thanksgiving is over, turkeys everywhere are putting on their Christmas hats to prepare for the next holiday.

And, to spread a bit of Christmas joy in the next few weeks, lots of other things around here will be donning Christmas hats, too. In fact, I'm on a mission to cover the neighbourhood in Christmas cheer.

But why stop at one neighbourhood? With your help, we can cover the whole world in little Christmas hats!

So, I challenge you to join me. I've written a little tutorial on how to make Christmas hats yourself, using either red and white paper, or red and white felt. Whip up a few hats of your own to adorn the statues and garden folk of your home and those of your neighbours!


How to Make a Christmas Hat:

You can use either paper or felt, and the same instructions apply. With paper, you'll need tape and glue; with felt, you'll need thread and, optionally, fabric glue. For both, you'll need a pompom for the top.

Cut a cone shape from your red material. I like to use a corner of the paper or felt, as shown below. The longer the straight sides are, the bigger your hat will be. Usually, two sizes will fit most statues: 4 inch sides for a small, 8 inch sides for a large.

Place the rounded edge of the red shape on top of a piece of white paper or felt. Cut along the edge, so that you get a matching edge on the white paper.

Now, cut a parallel line along the edge of the white paper, to make the band at the rim of the hat. For a small, the band should be 1/2 an inch wide; for a large, it should be 1 inch wide.

Now, you have these two pieces:

Glue along the rounded edge of the red material if you are using paper. If you are using felt, use fabric glue, or stitch the band in place with white thread.

Place the white band on top of the glue, making sure all the edges line up.

If you are using paper, add a strip of tape along one long side. It should be sticky side up. You will then roll the hat up into a cone, and stick the edges together. If you are using felt, roll the cone up, and then stitch along the long sides to hold it together.

Your cone should look like this:

Add glue to the point, and stick on a pompom. You can also stitch it on, if using felt.

Ta-da! Now, go out and put in on some garden statues!

So, have a go at making a hat or two (or buy yourself a couple of cheap ones -- they are everywhere right now!) and put a smile on your neighbours' faces. And every week or so, I'll put up a few of the best photos from the group on here, so check back to see how we're taking over the world!


Naturally Carol said...

Thanks for popping in! No wonder you liked my RED origami doves! LOL. I love your red hearts and clever advent ideas as well as your santa hats taking over the world. I will see what i can do to help!

Astrid said...

Great, I'd love to see what you do with the Christmas hats, Carol!

Amber (Woodmouse) said...

That is hilarious, what a fun project! Hmmmm, are there any statues in my neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Now I want a dog pooping no dumping sign to stick a Santa hat on! ;D

Ingrid @ Fable of the Table said...

We are working hard to add a few hats in Beijing. Love the idea. Have you had any reaction from home owners who have been 'nissed" with a hat?

Astrid said...

Great, Amber, get looking! I'd love to see what you find!

Feresa, I'll happily pull this one of the ground for you! It's not my favourite landmark!

Good, Mum, looking forward to seeing the stone elephants all decked out! The owner of the no dumping dog is the only one who's noticed, and he just loved it!

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