Monday, November 15, 2010

Start Now and Knit Your Own Wrapping Paper

As you might have noticed, I've recently fallen back in love with knitting. It's the combination of cold weather and a little tiny person for whom things knit up wonderfully quickly -- there's nothing like feeling you can finish a whole piece of clothing in a week or so!

And with my needles out and itching for new challenges, I've considered trying out this lovely way of wrapping a present:

Surely, it is just a large rectangle of stocking stitch that has been seamed at the back and the end? What a great way to make friends and family feel all woolly inside.

And for those that can't knit (or those us who can, but inevitably run out of time), there's a cheat: faux-knitted wrapping paper!

And, to write your message, faux-knitted cards!

Just, please, don't compare the knitting inside the present to the wrapping paper... you'll be sorely disappointed!


Ingrid@Fable of the Table said...

What a great way to wrap up for christmas. Maybe you could 'felt' some old sweaters and use them as a quick knit solution. A sleeve could work for a bottle of wine!

Nelly said...

Maybe if I start this year for next year, that is how long it would take me to knit for one package.

Jenni said...

And when you've got over Christmas, why not start knitting yourself something a bit bigger ie a rug! Here's a great shape

Jadyn said...

Love this idea Astrid! I also like anything with a knitted design, that wrapping paper is pretty cool.

Kathryn said...

So cute! I especially love that tag!

Anonymous said...

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