Saturday, November 20, 2010

WANTED: Home for a Grizzly

This is Bramble.

He is a would-be-adventurer, a budding explorer, a rambler in the making. This year, instead of curling up for his annual hibernation, Bramble has decided he wants to see the world. He's seen all the fun that Potato is having in London with his new family -- Paris nights at the Eiffel Tower, horse-back riding, IKEA meatballs -- and he wants a bit of that.

So, what I'm looking for is a kind volunteer to give Bramble a new home. He's pretty low-maintenance; he finds his own food, he'll sleep anywhere dark and cave-like, he is good with children and dogs.

Oh, and he's very excited about Christmas. He loves singing "Jingle Bears" and can't wait to bake his special minced pies for his new friends. Bramble would be very excited to climb into a stocking, or jump out of a present to surprise someone, if you wanted him to.

Bramble wants to make sure we stay in touch, though, and has insisted he go to one of the lovely people who are subscribed to the blog by email. So, if you'd like to give him a home and aren't already subscribed, please sign up (by entering your email below) by December 1st, when we'll pick a winner!

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Anonymous said...

He is so cute! Are you selling these little guys? We'll have a Bramble lookalike if you are! Sophia just saw his photo and said 'when is the bear arriving? Potato would like him' :)

Sandy Ang said...

He's so adorable !

Debbie M said...

Bin Bin and Maxx would welcome Grizzly into their paws at their cosy home in Beijing Riviera and Bin Bin crosses all his four legs and promises that he wouldn't chew the eyes out of Grizzly as he has done with his other toys ;-)))

Love from Bin Bin, Maxx and their owner, Debbie xx

Astrid said...

Thanks! i'm glad he's so popular! I think he'd be happy in Lodon, Beijing, or anywhere!