Wednesday, March 9, 2011

baby blue

A second dress, to correct the mistakes of the first -- this version has no hidden holes where I re-did the binding, a proper hemline that doesn't come unfolded, and a Thai hill-tribe pompom for back-closure because buttons are so last week.

It's blue, blue completely blue (save for the red pompom) because I love how wearing blue makes Tilly's eyes seem extra blue, and because the fabric looked just like the one Lotta herself used in Simple Sewing for Baby.

So, my apologies to you, strangers in the supermarket who think that even the smallest dot of blue means 'boy', I really hope your heads don't spontaneously implode when you see a baby in a blue dress.


Victoria said...

It's lovely - and I like the contrasting fabric around the collar and arms. Tilly looks quite pleased with it too!

aracne said...

Lovely fabric, the color is just right, and pretty dress.
I had a lot of hand-downs and dressed my children in pink/blue without restrictions...till the day they let me do so!