Monday, May 16, 2011

{kid's clothes week}

If you've been following along with kid's clothes week over at elsie marley this week, you'll be aware that it's already day seven. As in, finish up. Scissors down. The end. I would love to have a beautiful finished something to show you. Or even an ugly, badly-sewn finished something to show you. 

But no. Instead, this is my progress, after a week:

The book has been opened. The pattern has been printed. The pieces have been cut. The end. Not one stitch has been sewn, so far, on the designer baby bubble dress that is to be Tilly's party outfit. But all eight -- yes, eight -- of the ruffles have been cut out, and I have a feeling this will either be the most impressive thing I've ever created, or the most impressive thing I never create...


sylvia said...

this is such an awesome idea and i really love the cover of that booklet as well!

Loreal said...

You can do it!!!