Sunday, June 19, 2011

{for papa bear}

Happy Father's Day! Round here, father and daughter both got a little present -- matching T-shirts so they can proudly be seen together today.

Yes, the freezer paper and fabric paint was hard at work again. Their names, Papa Bear and Tilly Bear, on the front of the shirts...

...with some real grizzly action on the back.

Justin is always a fan of a white T-shirt, and Tilly was rather excited, too. In fact, she was a little disappointed when I put it on her, and she could no longer see the bear on the back!

One of our favourite books to read is Helen Oxenbury's "We're Going on a Bear Hunt". This morning, plenty of bear hunting was done (with Bella playing the part of the bear), through long grass,

across lawns and around trees,

and ending in the dog house.

Tilly is so lucky to have such a great Dad, who can always make her smile, and loves spending time with her so much. I have a feeling, as Tilly gets older, they'll just get more and more inseparable.

Hope you have a great day celebrating the fathers in your life. Any special plans?


gin said...

"We're Going on a Bear Hunt" is a nightly read in our house. I find myself saying things like, "oh oh, grass, long wavy grass" when we're out in the yard.
I love the matching outfits for Father's Day and the font you chose is great.