Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{inspiration: what a corker}

We seem to be a family that can't sit still. When Tilly was five months old, we loaded her and 200lbs worth of her stuff onto a jet and flew to England. And just in case that doesn't make us crazy enough, we've decided to do it again in a few months, stopping in Denmark and England, this time. Exciting!

I've been admiring designsponge's cork map of The States (above) -- a fun way to keep track of all the places you've visited. However, it wasn't until I saw ManMade's world version (below) that I really fell in love. 

As well as pins for the places we've been to and wish to go to, I'd love to add photos of our family members and friends around the world. And, perhaps, a little photo of Justin to pin to different countries while he travels. Something to make those we love feel closer while we're apart.

Now, which do you think will be more difficult: cutting out a map of the world from cork, or keeping a wriggly fourteen-month-old happy for a ten hour plane ride?


Justin said...

10 hr plane ride!

Astrid said...