Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{farewell, denmark}

Our two weeks in Denmark have come to an end, but what a lovely time it was. Sand, sea, and rain. Had I really forgotten the Danish weather so completely -- we had packed entirely too many pairs of shorts, and not one umbrella! 

When the sun was out, we went to the beach, which was just up the road. Tilly loved examining the sea shells, turning them over in her hands, and having a little nibble on one occasionally. She could run up and down the shoreline for hours, following other children and trying to take their buckets, or simply enjoying her freedom!

Before you start to think we were in a tropical resort, let me show you our feet. Wrapped up in hand-knitted Danish socks whenever possible. What a lovely feeling to slip into these after having your toes in the rather chilly North Sea.

We stayed out in our cousins' lovely summerhouse, which was so special. Beautifully Scandinavian, all white and wood, with a garden full of flowers and fruit. Fresh blackberries for breakfast, apples for dessert. Tilly didn't even bother picking the fruit, but ate it straight off the bushes!

And before I forget, here's a flodeboller. Chocolate shells, wafer bottoms, creamy marshmallow centres. Still just as delicious as I remember.

Of course, I've still got so much more to tell you about. We went to the most amazing flea market, attended a wicker festival, walked above Aarhus in a giant rainbow, took a trip to Legoland, and made note of all the Danish designer things that we plan to make ourselves at home. Is there a more inspiring place than Denmark for design? 

I'll have all that for you once I've come to terms with the 1036 photos I took in the space of twelve days. Yikes! Hope you've had a lovely August, and thanks so much for all the comments. I loved having our guests, and am so glad you enjoyed their posts too.


Sewandthecity said...

Oh, it seems like you had lovely time! We also went to the North Sea, just on the other side though, in Northern Germany...I also was not prepared for the rain:-)

Helle Jorgensen said...

OMG!! Flodeboller......... it's been many decades since I had one of those.

Jadyn said...

Those fluffy socks look so comfy! And in Holland we have something very similar to flodeboller, just slightly differently shaped. Sooo yummy!