Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{in progress: shelves and nails}

In between unpacking and repacking suitcases, we are still finding time to get our woodworking on. Remember the world's cheapest shelves that we're planning to put up in the office? 

The plan was to use the eight-foot planks that we'd used to construct our photo booth (tutorial here, if you need a reminder). After hauling the planks in, though, (yes, giant nails still attached... apparently I have no sense of danger) and propping them roughly in place to see if we liked the look, it seems that these planks are just a little too narrow at one-and-a-half inches wide. Yes, they hold postcards. But they look a little strange. Plus, Justin is very eager to try routing a groove down each plank (just as they did on Young House Love), and one-and-a-half inches leaves little room to get his groove on. Plus plus, our planks are a little warped, which is fine for a photo booth, but rather more of a problem in shelving.

Therefore, we've decided that it's better to spring the $8 for new, wider planks. As we'll have to buy a drill to put this all together anyway (ours, we believe, was stolen while we were out for a walk -- can you believe that?), I'm thinking that the title World's Cheapest Shelves isn't quite so accurate anymore. But we're excited to get working on them... until then, I leave you with Rock Pig: