Friday, August 19, 2011

{a spot of red in the room -- with}

I'm excited to share this little series of guest posts with you -- creative minds from near and far, who have focused their ideas on red, just for us. Today, we're welcoming Jadyn of Dutch.British.Love, who has put together a collection of gorgeous interiors for your viewing pleasure, each featuring red elements. Old road signs and Union Jacks? I'm in love...

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Much like Astrid, I believe a bit of red brings things to life. While red isn't the main ingredient in the rooms here, imagine them without the red pieces in them and you'll see how red makes these rooms,
even if added in small doses.

How lovely and vibrant are this fiery red desk and filing cabinet? Looks like such an inspiring and energizing place to work.

{Ellen O'Neill, via House Beautiful

This room struck me as very 'Astrid'. A white room with whimsical red chairs and a vintage British road sign? Yes please!


I love the softer red on the painting and chairs here as well, giving this room a lively but slightly softer look than the one above.

{Canadian House&Home September 2009 issue, photography Michael Graydon} 

Just a bit of red on the pillow brings this room to life, don't you think?

{Image from MiCasa

Even red in small doses adds vibrancy, this room wouldn't be the same without it. 
Thanks for having me at RedRed, Astrid!

Thanks to Jadyn for the inspiration. We'll be modeling our kitchen after that gorgeous House Beautiful one, for sure! Watch out, neighbourhood road signs...


Jadyn said...

Thanks again for having me Astrid! I hope your travels are going well so far! x

Kathryn said...

I love the red desk, I'm tempted to go buy a can of spray paint and give my current one a's getting a little raggedy. :)