Friday, September 30, 2011

{nano cam}

I couldn't resist sharing this little Pentax camera with you -- a real working camera, onto which you can build your own designs with Nanoblocks. Only from Japan, of course, but surely they'll make it over to the rest of the world one day?

My Dad brought one home from a recent business trip, and it went off with my sister, Alice, to her first year of university last weekend. You can bet that that camera will see a lot of good times!

We saw Alice off to her new life, and then made the long trip back home, where we're slowly remembering what 'real' life is like!


Anonymous said...

Not sure about this camera but do hang on to it as it's bound to become a collectors' item pretty soon! Jenni

Alice said...

I feel so honoured to be featured in a redredcompletely red blog! :O Hope you're having a lovely time!