Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{magazine break}

There's nothing I love more than making something totally impractical. Giant knitted blanket in the middle of summer, anyone? A four-foot-high stuffed rabbit called Pumpkin who is sitting creepily in the corner of our bedroom to this day? I don't know how I (who almost wet myself watching Donnie Darko) can sleep at night. You think I'm joking. Maybe I'd rather I was...

But there's impractical and then there's downright silly. And here are a few pictures that I naughtily snapped in Barnes and Noble (oh, yes, Mr. Book-stacker, you thought I was reading a message. You were fooled...) that seem to toe that line. What do you think -- worth the effort, or not?

Paper pie speech bubbles, and miniature balloons on wire

Photos stitched together, and miniature clay deer heads

I have to admit, I'm already thinking about what our pies might say to us. "You really take the cake." Or "Shut your pie-hole!


Amanda Perl said...

I really liked the idea of that book; of making teeny tiny crafts, but then they were all totally useless knickknacks. Give me some microcrafts I can use, please, world.