Friday, February 3, 2012

{fashion with a face}

Dear Freecycle, 

I'm sorry I gave up on you. Two weeks of mass emails about other people's rubbish was too much for me, as was the disappointment of never EVER being quick enough to claim any of the loot. But clearly, you are a goldmine of garbage, a treasure-trove of trash. You deserve more patience. Take me back?

Love, Astrid.

Lucky for me, I have friends who Freecycle, and last week, Kathryn managed to claim three bags stuffed full of fabric scraps, which I happily picked up and sorted through.

In the bags were lots of tiny scraps, in every colour of the rainbow, a giant piece of beautiful Christmas linen, patterned with holly, and... an enormous variety of CAT FABRICS!

I gasped (having never seen cat fabric in real life before).

I laughed (having always wondered who, exactly, ever owns the $9-a-yard designer cat fabrics in the Hancocks magazine. Me, now, apparently).

And then, as I pulled another, and another, and then yet another whiskered face out of the bag, I started to panic. Where would they all live? There simply aren't enough shelves around here to house an extended feline family.

And so the cats stayed piled in the living room, judging me with those little black eyes, until the next morning, when Tilly found them and let out a very very loud miaow.

And so how could I resist making her a little "miaow-miaow" skirt with one of the scraps, plus a little grey binding? I sewed it up this morning, while she was (supposed to be but not) napping, and presented it to her in her bed when I went to get her out. Never has crying stopped so quickly. 

So here we have Tilly's predictions for Spring 2012 toddler-wear: Fashion with a Face. And to accessorize, a giant stuffed beaver, of course.

P.S. After I wrote this, I happened across this adult version of the cat skirt. So if you want Tilly's look...


kathryn said...

That looks great on her! Somehow, Tilly looks incredibly cute in that skirt, but the close up of the material gives me goosebumps (the kind you get when told you just ate cat for dinner). Love the giant stuffed beaver accessory!

lej619 said...

Oh I love cat material!! Tilly looks super cute in the cat skirt!
Glad to read that you decided to come back!

Jenni said...

Isn't it great how you don't have to wait long for inspiration to come. Just ask Tilly!

Loreal said...

Love the cat skirt and also love that beaver made the photo! ;-)