Friday, February 17, 2012

{a valentine's party}

This year, we got more than our fair share of hearts, as we hosted a Valentine's party for Tilly and her friends. Oh, to be one again, and get a dozen cards from your favourite people!

Of course, most of the photos turned out to be a blur of children bouncing off the walls and each other. Here are some of the sweet moments in between -- you'll just have to imagine the rabble of other children just outside of the picture, and add in about two-hundred pompoms. (Yes, the kids loved to dump them out, but, admittedly, Terri and I started it by trying to get a 'raining pompoms' photo with poor, unimpressed Jackson)

One of Tilly's best friends couldn't make it, but sent along a little Valentine's card with a photo of himself in it. It is now officially the most looked-at piece of paper in our house.

Hope you had a lovely day, too, and were lucky enough to enjoy a festive cupcake or two!


Jenni said...

Well done, this big-hearted effort looks a real winner. And it's red all the way!

Ingrid Duffy said...

Looks like this was so much fun. Wish I could have been there too. Love Tilly's vintage dress, she really is a party girl.
I x

Loreal said...

Looks like lots of fun! I'm glad Tilly has so many sweet buddies to play with.