Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{getting geometric, paint-chip style}

One of these days, we hope to paint the kitchen a stormy, stony grey. But rather than live with dozens of grey paint swatches taped haphazardly to the wall, I thought it better to give all those samples a point (or three).

Poor Pinterest followers, you've been patiently putting up with months of pins simply labelled "triangles". I love them, the trinity of shapes, just as good right-angled as isosceles, stacked or built into squares.

Some recent favourites:

1. Castle artwork, via Tres Plus Cool  2. Anthropologie quilt  3. Znak mosaic wall decals, via Apartment Therapy  4.  Susanna Vento interior, via Emma's Design Blogg

The pattern I finally settled on is a take on the "flying geese" pattern in quilting -- a pattern I have yet to attempt with fabric, but love the directionality of. If I remember anything from art teachers of yore, it's that every part of a painting works to lead your eye somewhere, and the overall effect can be static or dynamic -- dull or interesting.

Using triangles is perhaps rather an obvious way to explore that idea -- arrows for the eye to follow! -- but a nice base from which to play with colour. Greys, blacks, the palest of pinks... and a little red, of course.

Yes, that's a two-step tutorial -- cut triangle, stick triangle. Repeat.

Note: Glidden's paint samples are by far the best to make things out of, being large, solid squares of colour, without any fancy poke-a-part-out bits. 

Also note: For the backing, I used a sheet of cut-it-yourself mat board. A large piece of paper would work as well, but I've lost the glass to my frame and need something a bit sturdier so there's no mid-section flop-down. 

And a note for Justin: This has been up in the kitchen for four days now -- please notice soon!


Justin said...

I read this while on the couch looking at my phone. I looked into the kitchen when I saw the photo of it. So I noticed it! Looks great!

c.w.frosting said...

Great way to use extra paint chips! And I have some left over! Will be pinning for future reference.

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

Astrid said...

Thanks for noticing, Justin!

Glad you like the idea, Caroline -- I'd love to see how it looks with other people's colour choices!

Loreal said...

Great way to use all those paint swaps! We just threw away a bunch of green ones and I kept thinking there had to be a better use for them! We decided on Glidden's "Pistachio Ice Cream" for our kitchen-- planning on painting those walls tomorrow! =)

Astrid said...

Happy painting, Loreal! Hope those new walls don't make you too hungry :)

Tamsyn said...

I love that this is so simple, yet so striking. Perfection!

Loreal said...

I have always had an addiction to ice cream, so I thought it quite fitting! =)

bethany said...

love this! so inspiring for a weekend project.

Astrid said...

Thanks, Tamsyn!

Bethany, we have lots of pre-cut triangles in similar shades that you're welcome to, if you fancy having a go!