Friday, May 25, 2012

{thoughts of a beachy nature}

We're now back from our three weeks in Norwich -- three lovely weeks of seeing my family, wearing lots of scarves, and weekly trips to the sea. Partly because it's one of my favourite places, partly because this was one of the only days I brought my camera with me, here's a little taste of what goes on at the British seaside.

Yes, that's hot chocolate and sheepskin-lined shoes for a day at the beach.

And here we have a bit of a family tradition -- collecting a few favourite stones, and then lugging them all the way across the world in our suitcases. (Yes, baggage-handlers, you can thank us for those almost-but-not-quite-unliftable bags. Sorry.)

I took a lot more photos on the trip, but mostly on my phone, the best of which ended up on Instagram (@redredastrid). 


Marji {RainCityGirl} said...

Welcome back! I carried a bag of stones from that very beach home with me :) Looks like it was a beautiful day in Southwold.

lej619 said...

love the pictures! and your boots

Astrid said...

Thanks! I'm glad you got a few stones ot take home, too, Marji!