Thursday, November 8, 2012

the third annual advent tea swap

Here we go for the third time, tea-lovers! It's time to collect up a few extra bags of your favourite teas, ready to send, and then watch your post-box for weird and wonderful teas arriving from around the world!

What you'll need: 25 bags of tea. (20 to swap, 5 for yourself)

What you'll do: You'll be paired up with four other tea swappers, and send each of those people 5 bags of tea. 20 bags of tea will arrive for you -- paired with the 5 you kept for yourself, you'll have enough for one bag of tea for each day of advent, and a one for Christmas Day.

You can make yourself a tea wreath or calendar to display your advent tea, or just keep all your teas in a nice pot by the kettle!

How to join in: Send me an email at astrid@redredcompletelyred, before Monday, November 12th, including your mailing address, so that we'll know where to send the tea!

(Note: if we have enough local interest, Bryan/College Station folks, we can have a separate swap group without the need for postage)


Terri said...

I want to get more into tea drinking! Is it ok to join if I am a tea drinking poser?

Jessica Christian said...

I just found this website today. Is it too late to join?

DJRoadRage said...

This is So fun! Just drank a tea from Australia - T2 Melbourne breakfast - my favorite so far!

sonrie said...

Hi I just found your blog, and though this is a few years later, would you consider hosting this tea swap again?