Friday, January 10, 2014

a return from the void

Last year -- 2013 -- was the year that words went on strike. Written, read, on paper, in print, in my head -- all spaces were wordless; all fearfully blank. Words were lost in the void of the daily. (Ironic, I know, considering my first post of last year, proclaiming it to be a year of words).

Instead, 2013 was a year of colour. When words deserted me, colour stepped in as a back-up language. Hence, my ever increasing love of sewing -- which, really, is simply a love of taking one colour and putting it next to another colour to see what they have to say. (Quilts simply take those bits of paired fabric and put them to use).

 photo IMG_6913.jpg  photo IMG_9347.jpg  photo IMG_5705.jpg  photo IMG_6375.jpg  photo IMG_6041.jpg

So here, at the start of 2014, I have learnt enough not to make predictions for the future. I simply want to make more of an effort to record. And more of an effort to encourage. So, here's to a new year, and to three paragraphs, at least, that have formed themselves and made their way out into the world!


agn_k said...

Have a great year! :-)

April said...

Your words are as charming as your creations!

Ingrid Duffy said...

Great to see you back on your blog , it's a great encouragement to those of us who are even more lost for words! Here's to a colourful year . I x

Kaylan said...

Those kiddos are the cutest!