Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sometimes, I can't even think about getting dressed without a cup of tea. But this morning, I think I found a new way to throw my brain into gear: earrings! Yes, it's silly, but I found that putting on a pair... any pair!... puts me in the mood for being up and about, and I've been finding that hard to do now that my Masters is finished and I've got no classes to get to, no deadlines to race for. 

And of course, once awake, I had a little browse on etsy for funky earrings. I recently bought a pair from local seller, DesertArtisan, who did me a custom order of Bob Dylan earrings. He has some really cool designs, very arty and unusual. They have yet to arrive, so I'm still looking or my fix! Here are some (affordable!) faves I'm trying to resist:
"Sweet Ruby Baby Sparrows"  by friedasophie

"Marie Antoinette Crystal Swarovski" earrings by Mariquez
"Gorgeous Ruby Glass Embellished" earrings by GlitzyBits

Lovely, lovely, lovely. But I'll hold off for today... I keep telling myself I have to sell something before I can buy anything else!