Monday, June 22, 2009

What's In A Name?

Yes, searching for yourself on Google is fun, but I've got a better game. Searching for yourself on! I'm not sure anyone has ever compiled a collection of Astrids before... but the 8 I've found make quite an exceptional little group!

Here they are, Astrids of the world:

1. Astrid is a fairy with attitude! Oh yes! Felt DiDi Doll by FeltLikeStitchin

2. Astrid is 12.5" long not including her 2.5" antennae. (Eeek, I thought I kept them hidden!) Astrid Agnew Doll by beecah
Also note that Astrid dislikes: cruelty to animals, mean people and excessively loud music! How true.

3. Astrid: #1 (What an ego boost...!) Print 1 of the Hundred Dresses Project by tollipop

4. Clearance Astrid (sometimes we all go on sale). Rag Doll by HarrietsHaven

5. Dancing Donkey Astrid (yes, that just about sums up my dancing skill!) by wendyclarke

6. Astrid is ready to be a mighty special friend to someone. Awww! Blue Kitty by BertieBeanflower

8. Pretty Astrid! Print by JulieFillo

Astrid likes to hear about Astrid! Thanks to these artists for putting my name to such good use!
(And my apologies for such a self-centred post! I'll only do it this once, I promise!)


harrietshaven said...

Fabulous! Thanks for including my little Astrid. This is a fun collection :)

DooDles by Carolyn said...

What a fun collection of "Astrids"! I love them all especially Astrid #1. Thanks for including my Dinky Doll. She loves her name!!!

Julie Fillo said...

Thanks for featuring my print! I love the name Astrid!

Anonymous said...

It helps that you have a REALLY great name!!!!

KatieEatsCake said...

what a clever idea for a post! the illustration in #3 is my fav :)

~Katie Eats Cake

alexclark said...

Oh I love astrid #2!
What a fun idea. And now I have the urge to name something Astrid.

Jen said...

Who knew there would be so many cute Astrid items on Etsy. Very fun!!!

jesmr said...

I will have to knit up an Astrid hat or something!