Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Off to England

All my bags are packed, and I'm off in... 17 hours! And it's hard to know what to be most excited about... the salt and vinegar crisps, the people who understand what I mean when I say 'crisps', the chocolate (ahhhh... 5 years of Hersey's mud-bars, I've suffered!), the sausages, the gravy, the Primark bargains, the Topshop style, the ability to walk somewhere...

Nope! None of that. What I miss the most, more than anything edible or shoppable in England is... Mr. Kipling's Fondant Fanices! Little spongey cakes with yummy icing and the most incredible creamy filling... If I had a box in front of me right now, I'd eat a yellow one, a brown one, another yellow one, a pink one, and then I'd probably be sick.

And almost as much as I want a Fondant Fancy, I want a set of BritishCreamTea's felt French Fancies...
So life-like! My mouth is watering. Watch out, Fancies, I'm a coming!

P.S. BritishCreamTea has all kinds of British felty goodness! The Bourbon biscuit brought back fond memories (I'm not sure if anyone else remembers Harry Enfield and Chums... and the skit with the man in the shed who'd come out and say "This week, I been mostly eatin' Bourbon biscuits!"), as do the fish fingers!