Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Business Lunch

Inspired by Mareika's art (in the post below), I went on a quest for more artists who have fun with business suits in their work.

(It's one of those days where I want to create... well, where I want to paint an exact replica of everything Mareika ever made, but know I can't... but instead, I'm still looking at what delights others have on offer!)

Business Man by retrosprout
There's something about eyes this far apart that really appeals to me. It gives the little business man such a sadness, and I suppose I want to loosen his little tie and tell him it'll be all right. Great colours... I love the blue cloud overlapping his face. Oh, and please note the RED dots!

It would be even tougher to get out of bed in the morning, I imagine, if you had to unicycle to work! But this bear has got it down. He's all neatly dressed, with his fur brushed, too!

I love art that uses book pages as a base, and here the business men really bring life to the printed words... they are so energetic! It's almost like an office version of Cirque De Soliel, with Mr. Tight-rope-walker, and the Leapers!

Now, to get down to business myself...


Amy said...

Thanks so much for including Business Bear in this little feature! This is quite a fun topic!