Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fox Riding and Other Hobbies

Yesterday, I stumbled upon Mareika Auer's artwork (above) for the first time.

And maybe it's because I'm completely hooked on Mad Men at the moment, or because I love that kind of Aimee Bender alternate world of equal parts weirdness and humour, but I can't seem to get that man on a fox out of my head!

I think it's because their poses are so lifelike... the way he sits on that fox, with his knees forward so his feet don't drag, just mixes the fantastical with the normalcy so perfectly!

But Mareika isn't all about the animals (although her animal prints might be my favourites... check out her print of business men walking different animals)...

This man is knitting his hair! It makes me so happy I could cry, not just because he looks so sweet, all cross-legged, but because the knitting, of course, has to be RED! I think Mareika went to the same school of Art Theory as me... without that red element, it just wouldn't be the same.

One more:
Gnomes! Well, really I sort of love it because they all look like Nisse men (which are the little Christmas elves that the Danes credit with present-giving, and who were always a big presence in our house at Christmas time). And I love them because you can SEE their personalities! What a character in the middle!

Mareika is selling prints of these, and if I can get around to working out how much, exactly, a Euro is, then I might think about spluringing. How often do you see something that makes you that happy and inspired? Rarely. The only problem, if I may be so bold, is that there are actually TOO MANY prints that I love... :)

Thanks, Mareika, for brightening my week. The world needs more business men riding foxes.


Samantha said...

What clever pieces! I love the gnome one, too cute. :)

rabbitwhiskers said...

Those are all very cute pictures~ and they do make me smile!! Thank-you!