Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Other Hearts I Heart

They're fuzzy and wooly and felty and fluffy! I love how simple the heart shape is, but how different you can make hearts look just by making them a little taller, a little chubbier, a little pointier. Here are my favourites, all courtesy of Etsy sellers:

Great colour, and so simple but so beautiful. I'd love to get one of these in the post!

Black wooly felted bowl by thefuzzymonkey
I love it! It's almost too special to put anything in... except maybe little felted hearts!

Brown felt Texas pillow by lovecalifornia
In honour of our upcoming move to Texas, (the heart is pretty much over Bryan, I believe!) and because I can never draw the shape right, I'll give this a special mention, too!

Yay for hearts! And now, since I heart my husband, I'm going to make him something for dinner that he hearts (well, I do too!)... green Thai curry. Yum!