Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shortie Fisherman Scarf

This was supposed to be my on-the-road project: a scarf for Justin to wear fishing. The yarn is actually three yarns rolled up together, which gives it this lovely multi-coloured effect. A bit like tweed, a bit like camoflague! I love it:
Unfortunately, I only bought two skeins. (EVERY other project I've done, I've had a whole extra ball left over, so I was frugal!)
It was on special sale, so when I went back today, and they had no more.
I've used up all the yarn I have, and it's only this long:
Which, on Justin, just goes round his neck, with nothing to spare. So, I'm getting creative. Problems like this are how the best new ideas are born, right? Well, that's what I'm telling myself!
What I'm going to do is add onto the ends in this lovely brown mohair mix:
It's very 'tweedy' too, and will bring out the browns quite nicely, I hope. I'm really not sure the added stripes will look okay, but I'll try it! Nothing to lose, right? Give it some long tassels, too, and it'll be much longer in no time!


42PurpleElephants said...

Please post pictures of what it looks like when you're finished. I bet it'll look great! :)

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

I will! We'll lose internet for a few days with the move, but I'm sure once I'm back online, it'll be done!

Photos by Rosie said...

I'm sure it'll look great. you've inspired me to get out my knitting stuff again to prepare for Autumn!

Christie Cottage said...

I use my odds and ends of yarn to make scarves and finish them in other odds and ends. I think it looks great!

(I saw you link in Business Forums on etsy.)

Samantha said...

Those colors are so beautiful, what a lovely scarf that's going to be! I can crochet(poorly) but knitting is beyond me.

Andria said...

Love the colors of the scarf -- good dude colors! Anything yarn-ish always catches my eye. Lovely blog you have here!
Andria from (