Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello, Texas

We finally arrived in our new home. Yippee!
(I hope y'all haven't missed me too much!!)

It wasn't an easy trip... we had a miserable moment in Junction, Texas, (*cough, middle-of-nowhere, cough*) when the U-Haul wouldn't stop beeping it's 'your-brakes-don't-work' noise, a fun-filled hour in the hotel parking lot when the bloody thing wouldn't start... and then U-Haul wouldn't even take the truck back ("we've got no room in our lot!"... like we've got more room in our driveway!)... but we made it :)
And it's so lovely... a beautiful old-timey kitchen with more counter space than I'd dreamed was possible! And a yard, with the most adorable little mobile barn-shed in it (which is currently filled with the last people who lived here's trash... but I'm working on it!) And it's got a wonderful room which is to be my studio... it used to be the garage, so it's enormous, and has all this great shelving built in, and electrical outlets every few inches along the wall... seriously, I could open my own internet cafe in here, and have plugs left over!!

So, I've been unpacking these last few days, with a little knitting thrown in. I'll get pictures up soon... I promise! And, I'm off for a job interview tomorrow, so fingers crossed! :)


Recuento said...

I know that experience. I have moved 3 times to different state in 4 years. Good luck in your new home.