Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome home, doggie!

Last Friday, I brought home the newest member of our family, Bella the "Foxy Lady" and already it feels like she's always been here! (She's asleep on my feet right now, even!!)
This is her with the squeaky beaver we bought her! She loves it... but unfortunately couldn't the difference between hers and mine, so I had to save Mrs. Beaver's life the other day and pull her from Bella's jaws!

Yesterday was my birthday, and we thought it would be fun to take Bella to the dog park. It had a huge pond that she was a little wary of... but once she saw the other dogs in there, she did a little paddling.
She likes to steal tennis balls out of other dogs mouths instead of fetching them herself!

And then she takes them off and guards them! What a funny girl.

I did something this morning that I've NEVER done before... went out for a morning run. Insane, I know! I didn't run all that much (25 years of no running and I need a little warm up!), probably about three (small) blocks. Bella loved it! She's not a sniffy dog... she wants to get places. But it was fun, and I think it'll be good for both of us to make that a regular morning routine.



Jen said...

Happy Birthday. What a cute dog!!!

SleightGirl said...

Oh wow! What a cutie! I wish our dog park had a place for them to cool!

podgehodge said...

Happy belated birthday!! :) Looking forward to more adventures with the cute doggie.

Alicia Istanbul said...

Awww, she looks like such a cutie. I love the look in her eyes in the last picture.

Tali Schiffer said...

What a great dog. Congrats on your newest member. Dogs are such great companions!!

KnockKnocking said...

She looks like a snuggler for sure! Wonderful!


Lonesome Road Studio said...

Oh what sweet dogs!

Vicki said...

What a cute dog! We love our doggies, too.