Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Danish Inspiration

I've been going through my photos from Denmark this summer, and found some shots that really inspired me. It's funny what stood out to me: rusty metal, peeling paint, and of course, anything red!

Roof tiles on an old house

The side of an old boat

Little red house with flowers

Little cottage window

I'm feeling a painting phase coming... with plenty of browns, oranges and reds. Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

Great photos. I love the roof tiles and the red house next to the yellow. Such great colors.

podgehodge said...

The 3rd picture is just sooo adorable :) I am photo tagging you:


daisyfleur said...

I love the little cottage window!

My Owl Barn said...

Lovely blog. Good to see another obsessed person ;) I am obsessed with owls :)

victoria kloch said...

Love the colors! I'm feeling inspired as well!