Monday, October 19, 2009

Bella's Treat Pouch

A new doggie project! Bella and I have been going to training each week, and I've found it's very important to have treats on me at all times! (Otherwise, she doesn't really understand 'Sit' very well!) So, I fashioned this treat pouch for her.

Yes, she's knows what it's used for! Every now and then, I let her lick out the little crumbs from previous treats!

It's a really simply project... just a long rectangle of felt, seamed at the back and sewn together (on the inside) at the bottom, to make a little pocket. I sewed a strip of felt on to the back too, to make a belt loop (so I can have it handy) and I put velcro strips inside to hold it closed when necessary.

I really do think it has helped with training! That, and the fact that Bella is just such a clever coyote!


Kathryn Lantz said...

love it! We're going to training every week too, so that pouch would come in *very* handy (as opposed to our ziplock bag) Very cute puppy!